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The Small Big Bang with KINK!

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Name:The Small Big Bang with Kink!
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Welcome to kink_bigbang!! The small big bang with kink ;)

This community was created to be a fun challenge that centered on kink for a big bang fic, but keeping the word count manageable for those who shy away from the 20k or 30k challenges :)

For this challenge, authors will be asked to produce 12,000 words, and artists will be asked to produce at least one large piece of art (a cover, for example).

Membership: Anyone over the age of consent (18 for the purposes of this comm)

Welcome and FAQs/Rules

Archive of Our Own: Kink_BigBang Collection

2013/2014 Schedule and Links to Sign-ups

Comm Beta List

Writing Resources

2013/14 Schedule

Sing UpsOctober 1 to 31
First Draft DueDecember 15
Artist ClaimingDecember 31
Final Draft DueJanuary 20
Posting BeginsFebruary 1



When you post, please be sure to include the prompt, kink and any needed warnings. There may be some material in your fic/art that is squick worthy to others. So label it accordingly.

Also, you are responsible for what you read. If you choose to read an adult-rated fic then don't complain if it contains adult themes. If you are underage in the area you live or don't want to read fics with sexually explicit material in them then don't click on it and always check the warnings included in the header beforehand. Once the poster has ensured the fic is marked appropriately, it is you're own responsibility to make sure something is safe for you to read before you read it. If you don't know already, this comm is for KINKS. We may be broad in our definition of kinks, but most fic is still sexually explicit and there are always kinks that can squick. So please READ RESPONSIBLY.

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